Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to School!!

Well, the kids are back in school (08/25/10), and I can't believe that they are back!! Where did d the summer go! Both Brandon and McKenzie were nervous for school to start.  Brandon is a Senior this year attending Mountain View High, and McKenzie is a 4th Grader attending Geneva Elementary.  Brandon, as usual, did not want his picture taken first day of school . . . . .so, no pic of him! McKenzie, on the other hand, is always welling to get her pic taken......

McKenzie ready for HER first day of school!

McKenzie just outside of Geneva Elementary

McKenzie with Principle Parks and V. Principle Schroeder.

McKenzie with her 4th grade teacher, Miss Call.

McKenzie - 2nd through 4th
(I wish I had taken a pic of her 1st grade teacher)
4th - Miss Call,  3rd - Miss Humber,  2nd - Miss Peterson

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Now what!!

So, my son (Brandon) decides to go play football with some friends last night, but ends up coming home with a unstable FRACTURE to his middle finger.

Thinking that it is only a dislocation, Carter (my hubby) tries to put it back into place. Not only did he try, but Delfino (Shayla's hubby) and Brandon (himself), as well.

This morning, while Brandon was at school, he calls to tell me that his finger was REALLY hurting and it was getting cold. We decided to get it checked and that was when we were told that he had fracture that finger. So, no more playing football or basketball for him!