Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our Anniversary

Well, today is our ANNIVERSARY!! We have been married for 21 YEARS, can you BELIEVE that!! I can't say that it has always been BLISS. I don't think there is a marriage out there that are without having their ups and downs. We've had our fair share, and will continue to have them. HOPEFULLY, we have and will continue to learned from them.

Here are some wedding pics that I scanned to share with you all. ENJOY!!

Signing our lives away to each other.



Saturday, July 24, 2010

Guess Who's 1 Years Old?!

Well, not sure who all knew that Sandra is a grandmother and her grandson, MASON, had his 1ST BIRTHDAY, yesterday!!  I can't believe he is already one - BOY, time sure does fly!!

Born: 07/23/09
Time: 4:07 p.m.
Weight: 8 lbs. - 18 inches 
One Year Ago!
 Here are the PROUD parents, Shayla and Delfino Rodrigues.
As a side note: Shayla is expecting their second child on New Years Eve!

PROUD grandparents (can you believe that!).

Here is the birthday boy and what a CUTIE he is!

There was a Bounce House available for all the kids and they all enjoyed themselves!

Bella (McKenzie's friend), McKenzie and Brandon holding the Birthday Boy.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

His WISDOM Was Taken!!

Well, we knew this day was coming cause last summer, when Brandon had his check-up, we were told that he would need all four of his wisdom teeth taken out, more likely, the following summer.  Well, today was the day to have that done!  And you know me.....I DEFINITELY took some pics from my cell phone (pics are not too bad!).  So, enjoy!!

He just had a check-up last week because he was complaining about his back left-bottom tooth.  As you can see, those four wisdom are DEFINITELY trying to come out.

Here we are waiting in the "waiting room".

Look at that face!  Does he look worried....I think NOT!

He looks happy now, but just wait!!

This nurse will be monitoring his vitals. 

Brandon was REALLY worried about getting the IV put in since ASHLEY was telling him how BIG the needle would be, BUT it was a TINY needle. Brandon didn't feel a thing (the laughing gas may have contributed.....just a little)!!

 Here are the tools that will be needed to extract those wisdom teeth!!

 Here is the "Doc" and his nurse who will be assisting.

 "Lights Out!!"

UNFORTUNATELY, once Brandon fell asleep I was asked to leave so that they could get started with the procedure.  I would have LOVED to have stayed and watched; can you image all the pics I would have posted!!

About 45 minutes later......

Wake up Brandon!!!

"Brandon, The bus is here (sorry, no sound)!!"

 "Come on Brandon wake up!!  How many fingers are you seeing (sorry, no sound)?"

Next - recover!!  Lets hope it's a pleasant one!!

Here are the CULPRITS!!
 I wonder how much money he will be getting from the Tooth Fairy??

Monday, July 19, 2010

Guess WHO can Drive??


Well, HURRAY, HURRAY Brandon FINALLY was able to get his driver's permit!!! I had been complaining to him about not being able to drive and he is 17 years old! Man, Ashley was ON IT when she was old enough and we didn't even have to push her in getting her driver's license (must be a GIRL thing!).

With my complaints and Ashley's (cause we were the two that had to drive him around) Brandon decided that it was time to GET GOING!! He studied the Utah Driver's Handbook for three days and yesterday he decided he was ready to take the test. So, I took him down to the D.M.V. and it took him only about 20 minutes to take the test and LOW & BEHOLD he PASSED!!!

Can you see his excitement!!

We are SOOO proud of him! Next on he list is to take the driving course test and HOPEFULLY, his driver's license will be next!!