Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Well, another Halloween has come and gone. I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and hope that all the candy were passed out!  As usual, we ended up with some left over candy and CANDY that we DON'T like!

We did enjoy our Halloween. Ashley, once AGAIN, was sitting out front holding a bowl full of candy and scaring the little kitties as they came to grab - not just one candy - but a whole hand full of candy. They won't be doing that again!!  And as always, it was FUN to hear them all screaming and running off! Way-to-go ASHLEY!!
Didn't think to get a pic of Ashley, so this will have to do.

McKenzie enjoyed her Treat-Or-Treating this year. I ended up taking McKenzie and two of her friends, Bella and Sharika, treat-or-treating.  They went around our neighborhood, first - by themselves, and then we were all off to the ritzy-area; thinking that they would get bigger treats - not the case!  Oh well, it was fun looking inside their homes, thou. Some were TOTALLY ridiculous!

 McKenzie, Bella, and Sharika!
(Again, I didn't THINK to get a pic of the three!)

At work / school, there was the Geneva Giant's parade. It was fun seeing all the kids dressed up and some were pretty good. Here are some pics that I took so ENJOY!!

McKenzie and her friends.    Sharika - doesn't she look AWESOME!

Geneva Giant's Parade! Mr. Parks (our Principle who LOVES Disneyland) and his cohorts!

Kindergartners wishing their other classmates Happy Halloween!



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