Thursday, August 12, 2010

Introducing . . . . . Our Pets!

So, I think INTRODUCTION'S are in order!  The following are our ADORABLE pets!!

Elliott is the oldest of our dogs. He is 7 years old in human years. Elliott is such a lovable dog. Very patient with younger kids and he can tolerate anything and anyone. He joined our family back in 2004.

Elliott (aka: Elliotto)

Jewels is actually Ashley's dog, but I consider her OUR dog.  What can I say about Jewels.....Jewels is our "ditsy girl" of the family. She also has that "loving" motherly instinct. IF she were to have had pups, she would have been a GREAT mother to them! She is 5 years old and joined our family in 2006.  

Jewels (aka: Ju-Ju-bees)

Stanley is also Ashley's dog, but AGAIN we consider him OUR dog. Stanley is the youngest and he just turned a year old. Stanley was an unexpected dog. Ashley was dog-sitting for a friend back in 2009 who got caught having a puppy in his apartment. As time went by, her friend came to the realization that he couldn't care for a puppy, thus giving Ashley Stanley. Ashley had to do some "fast talking" for her dad to give the "Okay". Stanley is our baby. I have NEVER had a dog that WHIPPERS so much! And he picks on Elliotto ALL THE TIME!

Stanley (Stanley-the-manly OR Stan-binker-is-a-sticker)

Pete is the neighborhood cat who's owner lives next door, BUT Pete seems to always be at our house! He, surprisingly, gets along with all of our dogs. If not, I guess he wouldn't be visiting all the time.

  Pete (aka: Pete-da-pete-pete)

It's GREAT to have pets. They are ALWAYS there for you when you need them. What would the world be like if we had no pets!


RBS said...

You are right Karen, dogs are wonderful to have. We had to put Sadie down 2 years ago and I still miss her and her sweet spirit.

K-WilliamsFamily said...

I am so sorry to hear about your lost. I am dreading the day when we loss one of our pets.

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