Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shultz Fire

Some of you may have heard about the fires that were going on in Flagstaff, AZ back in June. Well, the Shultz Fire was too close for comfort. My older sister, Jackie, just happens to live in the area where the fire broke out.

In this pic, my sister notices the fire and runs to get a picture of it.

I can't even image what I would have done had I seen THIS just right outside our home! They ended up getting evacuated and couldn't return home for 3 days!

As of now, the fire is no longer burning, BUT residents are now dealing with FLOODING since all the vegetation have been burnt. With it being the monsoon season, Jackie has already experience this.

Getting ready for what ever is heading their way!

As you can see, the mud and water came VERY close to their home.

 Pretty much Jackie's garden is washed away.

Here is my niece, Amber, keeping a smile on her face. She is SOOO adorable!

With the monsoon season here I worry about my sister. I hope this is the WORST of the flooding BUT she has told me that they are expecting more rain.  I have been calling her daily and, so far, this is the worst it's been. Let's just hope and pray her ordeal is over!


RBS said...

Karen, Steve and my sister were traveling down to Phoenix when this fire was burning. They were stopped for a 1/2 hour and then they let them go through but right after they made it through they closed the road, it was scary for them. I hope your sisters house stays safe and dry with all the flooding now.

K-WilliamsFamily said...

WOW, they were lucky to have just waited 1/2 hour and to be able to continue on with their trip. Glad to hear they made it through.

Jackie, my sister, is doing fine. The worst of it has come and gone. The pics that I showed were the worst of their ordeal....THANK GOODNESS!

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